04 October 2006

[jMock] You don't always have to repeat expectations.

Here's a question that came up at work today. One team wanted to assert in a test that the target code would call a service three times and get back a series of values. Their first thought was something like this:
which uses the expectation identifier to enforce sequence. A more compact version looks like this:
  .will(onConsecutiveCalls(returnValue(99), returnValue(21), returnValue(17)));
This will fire each stub (returnValue()) in turn when foo() is invoked, in this case returning the series of values. Now, after the fact, I wonder if they should have stubbed the call:
thing.stubs().method("foo").will(onConsecutiveCalls(returnValue(99), returnValue(21), returnValue(17)));
It looks like the call to foo() is supporting infrastructure, not part of the specification of the behaviour of the target code. I'll have to check in the morning.

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