15 June 2007

Making a point in IEEE Software

IEEE Software We've had a position published (with Joshua Kerievsky on the other side) in the May/June issue of IEEE Software. To quote the abstract:
Point Argument: Mock Objects: Find Out Who Your Friends Are, by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce. Mock objects help guide object-oriented programming by concentrating on what objects do, no what they are. Counterpoint Argument: TDD: Don't Much It Up with Too Many Mocks, by Joshua Kerievsky. Routinely test-driving code with mock objects leads to premature object composition, hard-to-read and fragile code, and lost time. This department is part of a special issue on test-driven development.
It looks like you have to pay (or get a copy of the magazine) to get the content. I'll ask if we can post our chunk. (thanks to the people who pointed out that you can download a different issue of the journal).

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