22 December 2007

Mock objects for Java ME

Carl Meijer has asked us to announce his new project...
Yesterday I uploaded a personal project, Hammock, to sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/hammockmocks). This a mock object framework for Java ME. Java ME, unfortunately, doesn't support reflection making jMock, EasyMock, etc. unsuitable for use on a mobile device or emulator. Obviously this makes creating mocks more difficult than with the Java SE mock object frameworks but the distribution includes a utility, HammockMaker, for creating the source for a mock object given a class file (of a non-final class or of an interface). The framework includes mocks of many of the standard Java ME classes for communications such as HTTP, SMS, OBEX, etc so that one can test without actually hitting a network. I've used it on three projects at my current employer.

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