05 June 2008

Public training courses?

We've had a couple of inquiries about whether we will be running our training course publicly. We hadn't planned to, but perhaps we should. We propose to run a two-day course priced at £1100 if booked less than 4 weeks ahead of the teach date, with a discount to £800 if booked earlier (plus UK VAT). The most obvious location is London (UK).

If you think you might be interested (no commitment implied), please drop us an email at public.course@mockobjects.com with this information:

London is acceptable:
Preferred other location:
Preferred month for teach date:
Possible number of attendees:
Coding experience (years): 
TDD experience (years):
Contact email:
Contact phone:

We'll see if we can work something out

In case you're feeling nervous, whatever details we receive will be used only by us just to coordinate a course. We won't hassle you or pass them on to anyone else.